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A 2X6 Bahia Herringbone with Tumbled Kota Green Limestone

Tumbled Kota Green Limestone is available in sizes ranging from 1x1 to 16x16. These sizes can be incorporated into a wide variety of patterns and features. This is an example of a 2x6 Bahia Herringbone tile pattern. Kota Blue Limestone is a blue alternative with the same texture and character. Kota Green Limestone is also available with a Straight-cut, Brushed, Cobbled or Antiqued finish in sizes up to 24x24.

Spa Installation with Tumbled China Multicolor Slate

This home spa features our China Multicolor slate. The pool copings are 3cm thick 12X24 panels with a hand bullnosed finish. The spa walls are tiled with tumbled 12X12 tiles, and the floors feature a tumbled 4X4 and 4X12 Tanum Herringbone pattern. Also notice the rustic vanity top crafted from a 3cm thick slab.

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