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Welcome to The CleftStone Works


Located in Eastern Pennsylvania, The CleftStone Works is a Wholesale, Importing Distributor and Manufacturer of Natural Stone Tile Surfaces for Floors, Walls and Countertops. We inventory 40 unique stones including quartzite, slate, travertine, limestone and sandstone, and provide customization services offering thousands of shapes, textures, colors, patterns, borders, and hand-crafted fabricated items.

Dealers and Designers are encouraged to become registered users of our Dealer Website, where we provide exclusive access to in-depth product information & support, thousands of stunning photos, and other useful sales & marketing tools. Registered Users will require an account with us, and all registrations will be reviewed by us personally. Please complete the Dealer Registration Form to initiate the process. Call customer service at (610) 683-9348 for additional information.


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